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Convert Your 6-Volt Vehicle to 12-Volts

This is one of the most rewarding gestures you can do for your favorite old car/truck and yourself, comparing time and money spent to amount of benefit gained.

No more hard starting, hot or cold; no more dim, yellow (dangerous) headlights: no more accessories that aren't compatible.

Instead. you have a new degree of serviceability, safety, and ease of operation. And, it can all be done in a couple of hours, inexpensively, and without any serious modifications to originality' Read on...

First, let's establish that, provided it's in good shape, your original wiring harness is more than up to the task. 6-volt systems carry twice the Amps of 12-volt systems, which means their wiring is considerably heavier than required.

This is the perfect time, too, to convert vehicles with Positive ground (Ford Products, GMCs, MoPars and others) to NEGATIVE ground. Three little moves get that done:

  1. Simply reverse the wires on the Ammeter. (The previous "in" will now be "out" and vice-versa).

  2. Also reverse the wires on the coil. Ignition will be on (+) and (-) will go to coil.

  3. Finish by reversing the battery cables. POS will now go to the starter, and NEG will go to the ground. Much benefit can be gained by moving "ground" from frame to a starter attachment bolt. Do This! (These three operations are done with the battery disconnected!)

    Now, to the conversion itself and the (2) basic approaches: (1) with a 12V generator, or (2) with a 12V alternator, with internal regulator. We'll begin with the 12V generator approach.